Sells For $97,500

Posted on 27 August 2009 sells for $97,500 through Sedo.

Breakdown of the stats.

Google results: 4,100,000 (not listed on the first five pages)
Google page rank: 2 traffic: unique 4,945 – total visits 5,258
Alexa rank: 198,501

Now before we assume this was sold just for the domain name I don’t think it was. The site itself advertises “The Ultimate Network for Sex!” There are two membership sites that are linked with this name, and It seems that the same person owns all three names. This could mean a couple things. Either the domain names have not been delivered to the new owner or the new owner has updated with the two networked sites. The whois information on was last changed on August 25th. It also appears that was a membership driven site at one point. Posted on the site is this message “Dear members,  as of August 18, 2009 the site has been sold.  As a result, we have given all paid members a credit for their most recent credit card charge.  The refund to your credit card usually takes a few days to show, therefore please wait until Tuesday August 25th to inquire about your refund with your credit card company”.

I have called and left a message for the owner on record of the three sites. I will update this post if I get a return phone call.

***Update: It seems that the sale did include the domain name, website, members and the registered trademark for SexTV.

  1. Mike says:

    Begin landrush! J/k :)

    Actually, have been pretty hot buys over the last couple of years. Not really surprised at the magnitude of this sale, even the domain alone could fetch low-mid five figs.

  2. GMT Watch says:

    Dear Patrick , do u think this domain will be sold ? good name but too expensive

    • Chef Patrick says:

      Will it be sold? It already has. I do think $97,500 is a tad high if it was just for the name. In this case it included website, memberships and trademark. With those ingredients added to the mix this is a solid purchase.

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