Domain News Episode 33

Posted on 16 October 2009   

This week’s video is sponsored by Thousands of premium domain names available for sale.

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*UPDATE – GigaDomains has been removed from this blog for non responsiveness to customer inquiries and my attempts to resolve this issue.

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Own The Domain Name, Now Secure The Brand

Posted on 15 October 2009   

Own the perfect domain name? Protect it!

Step One:
Secure misspellings, plural/singular versions and alternate domain extensions of your domain name. If you own make sure to purchase,, and so forth. For the alternate domain extensions, this is not as important as long as you own the .com. If the major extensions (.net, .org, .tv, .me) are available then grab them.

Step Two:
Secure the toll free number. allows you to search for the available numbers by typing in letters. This will be difficult as a lot of toll free numbers are taken, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

Step Three:
Secure social media outlets. The three major outlets you should secure are Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. I call this the social media triangle. It makes up well over 95% of the social media market.

Steps one and two will require an investment, so I don’t suggest this for every domain name you own, just the ones you strongly believe in.

By completing these three, somewhat simple steps, you are protecting the brand for your future domain buyer and increasing the value of your domain name.

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Keyword VS Alternative Domain Names

Posted on 14 October 2009   

Saturday’s guest post about keyword alternative domain names seems to have hit a nerve. I wanted to follow up and give my view on the topic.

The best way to express how I feel is by sharing my previous successes. I owned two real estate companies, one used a keyword domain name and the other did not. I sold both of these companies in the early part of 2008. – Keyword rich domain name that says exactly what it is, a short sale company. Ranks #1 in Google for the term “property mitigation”. I spent nothing in advertising this company. All business was based off of referrals from my primary company Mr. 3 Days. – No keywords. Without knowing the slogan “We Buy Houses, Cash In 3 Days”, it wouldn’t make sense. I owned the toll free number, domain names and corporation. I spent thousands in advertising every month.

Both domain names were picked before any of my knowledge of the domain industry. I had no idea what a keyword domain was and why it mattered. I’m assuming the rest of the world is the same. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss. There was no pressure to picking the perfect domain name based on what the domain industry says is good or bad. Honestly, if it was not for the domain industry I would not care what a keyword domain name is.

Here is my logic without considering our industry, and I will say this is an odd concept, to some at least. I look for the best possible domain name based on people. That’s right, I pick a name based on what my customer could relate to and/or understand. More often than not it brings me to keyword domain names. If the keyword domain name is not available I do get creative. was not the first choice for my real estate company, that would have been, or These names were taken and not for sale, so I kicked in with some creative thinking, created my slogan, cartoon character and then the name came to me. Very similar to my current branding, Chef Patrick. I started with, realized all kitchens have a head chef, created the character and re-branded as

Which do I believe was more successful of the two, (made up) or (keyword)? hands down!

Closing thoughts:

  • Keyword domain names are most important to online only businesses.
  • Keyword domain names are important if radio advertising is in your marketing plan.
  • Keyword domain names are not the end all for SEO. ranks very well for “Domain News and “Domaining”, most days on the first page of Google.
  • Being creative with a domain name is OK!
  • Some of the most successful companies have “made up” names. Examples – Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, Starbucks, Publix, YouTube, MySpace, eBay and so many more.
  • Visit and view the top 100 sites. The majority of them have no keywords related to the site itself.
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BuyDomains Offers Industry Leading Domain Names, and for Sale

Posted on 14 October 2009 today announced the availability of premium domain names, and

These category defining and key word rich domain names represent a unique opportunity for a financial services, credit card, debt consolidation or lending company to capture the leading online destinations in a $10 billion global industry.*

Ownership of an industry leading domain is also a cost-effective way to increase qualified online visitors while avoiding the expense of recurring pay per click online marketing costs.

A review of keyword searches on Yahoo!, Google and Bing renders nearly 1.4 billion total search results:

Comparable recent domain name sales include for $1M in 2008, for $480K in 2008 and $250K in 2009.*

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* and

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Interview with Michael Ward for Domainer Mardi Gras

Posted on 13 October 2009   

Yesterday I had the chance to sit down with Michael Ward to discuss Domainer Mardi Gras 2010. After checking out the video make sure to get your pass here. I’ve got mine!

I almost forgot. Reserve your seat now and book your hotel before October 16th and get your pass for only $495. Once the early bird pricing is over tickets will run $895 and gradually increase until the day of the event.

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