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Posted on 18 August 2009   

Never seen before…the inside of

During my trip last week I visited the offices of Recall Media Group located in Boyton Beach, Florida which is the primary headquarters of and

Reception Desk

entrance of bido/recall media group

At the head of the table is Darren Cleveland, President/CEO of Recall Media Group. To the right is Jarred Cohen, Vice president of Operations for Picture taken in their main conference room which is also where Bruce and I did the live video chat.

darren cleveland and jarred cohen

Darren Cleveland’s office. You can tell he actually spends time here.

darren clevelend office/desk

Motto on the wall of the call center area.

go big or go home

Call center/sales area mostly used for

Cubicles -

Thanks again to Recall Media Group for having us. Bruce and I had a great time. This company is truly a class act.

While on my trip I also visited’s office. Unfortunately I did not bring my camera, left it in the hotel.

  1. RandallB. says:

    Maybe one day I can go down and see it, That would be great. Thanks for the pictures Patrick. To bad about Monkier i would have liked to see their office also.

    Thanks Boss

  2. Tia Wood says:

    Didn’t know Sahar had a call center. Nice!

    • Chef Patrick says:

      That was the one downer of my trip. I didn’t get to meet Sahar or Rick Schwartz. Rick is in Europe for the summer and Sahar was on vacation to California.

      • Sahar Sarid says:

        Hi Patrick,

        Yea, it was unfortunate. I was on a flight early Thursday morning. Next time you stop by, anytime, let me know. I will try to plan in advance.



        • Chef Patrick says:

          No worries, it was a last minute thing on my end. I definitely look forward to meeting you in the future. I’m sure I’ll be down in a couple months.

  3. Wow, looks like they have a pretty good size office. How many employees do they have?

    • Chef Patrick says:

      I’m not really sure and didn’t think to ask. It was Friday so a large portion of the staff was either off, on vacation, left early or at lunch.

  4. Yes and if you continue on Woolbright Road towards the ocean you’ll run smack into our beachouse. I’m surprised to find how many domainers have been associated with little old Boynton Beach. Besides the fact that Boynton Beach is Michael and my hometown (and that Sahar and Darren are based there), Rick Schwartz lived there when he started in this business. I’m curious to know if anyone else is from there.

    • Bruce Marler says:


      After visiting last week there I have deemed Boynton Beach to be domaining ground zero. I was amazed at the history of that little area there in the domaining world, I knew it before but once you visit and really think about it you realize how amazing it is that so many top domainers come from there.


    • Chef Patrick says:

      David, you have a vacation home there huh. Where do you keep the keys? I can stay there instead of a hotel next time :)

      I believe Owen Frager lives in the area too.

  5. Jarred says:

    Thanks Patrick, it was great having you and Bruce come down for a meet and greet, and the live video we streamed was a blast.
    You’re more than welcome to come do it again sometime. Thanks for being our guest and taking a tour of our office.

  6. Adil says:

    Great to know they run a call center for funeral homes, a directory site.

    In the past Sahar posted in elliotsblog ( that getting businesses to sign up for an online directory is a very tough sell.

    I wonder what the stance is here since now we know that Sahar and other parties from Recall Media Group are running a call center.

  7. Samit says:

    Thanks for the photos Patrick.

    “Go Big or Go Home” really struck home for me, I’ve been messing around for too long, time to take the plunge ;)

    Great chat too, caught the video at bido. It was nice to get introduced to Bruce too, I’ve added his site to my must visit domaining blogs, good stuff there.

  8. I made a similar status update on my Facebook once “IS IT JUST ME OR DO HALF OF AALL DOMAINERS LIVE IN FLORIDA?!?”

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