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Posted on 24 March 2009   

I have had the pleasure of meeting Donna Mahony through her private domainer forum DomainBoardroom. The other day she asked the members of her forum for donations for one of her passions, I was more than happy to help. Donna then posted for help on Facebook. Sahar Sarid was quick to jump in and lend a hand. I asked Donna if she would write something for my blog. Her words can get the message across better than anyone.

First I would like to thank the entire community for pulling together in this effort. It started in where we got feed money for almost 5 days. I then realized that I had to reach further so I put up a plea on Facebook. Sahar of replied instantly with an offer of cash and request for more info. Once he heard the story he had to do more and the auction was born. You can see it here.

Although I made the plea, (begging is the real word) and The team supplied the platform, the community as a whole is making it happen. As of this writing, more than 40 domains have been donated. The founder of the sanctuary has also donated a great gift as a thank you and it will go to the winner of the auction. You have to go to the auction page to see it :-)

Arizona took a big hit in the economy. Donations have dried up. People can’t afford to keep their pets and they are forced to turn them loose as shelters, rescues and sanctuaries are full. Many places have shut down and had to ask other rescues to take their animals.

Here is a video of HaciendaDeLosMilagros.Org – House of Miracles

I tell the story of my own experiences there at For The Love of a Sanctuary here.

The sad part is, the burros were taken off of their own land by us humans. Rounded up and slaughtered. They deserve better. Some of the animals have suffered more than I care to talk about at the hands of man.

Now they live in their forever home at Hacienda De Los Milagros. The House of Miracles is not an adoption center. Wynne feels these creatures deserve a place that they can call home forever. Sadly, that doesn’t happen all of the time with adoptions. The animals spend their lives going from home to home with no security. My own dog, Max, came from a humane society. He had been returned after a previous failed adoption. He has always acted like he is so grateful for this home. He is always well behaved. But he suffers severe separation anxiety. It breaks our hearts.Animals, love, hurt, worry and rejoice. They mourn for us and their own. They give well beyond what many humans do. Let’s save this group, at least, and be an example of the strength in unity!

The domain community has come together in a way I haven’t seen in all my years as an industry.Let’s see how far we can get this and see the strength we all have together.

If you can’t give cash or a domain. If you can’t bid on the auction there are many other ways we need your help.

Please help spread the word. Find animal help centers of all sorts and give them the message and ask them to send it to their mailing lists. Maybe find appropriate forums and pass along the message. Contact the media if you can or write to and ask what you can do to help.

Thank you for caring!

Donna Mahony

PS. Here are some pictures I took yesterday. Lamas need love too :)



  1. Jarred says:

    Refback now live on Bido, thanks for the coverage Patrick. We’re happy to help the house of miracles and we’ve rallied many many domains already. It’s beautiful to see domainers participating for the love of the rescue and the life of the animals. If anyone reading can help by either contributing funds or by contributing a domain name to the auction, please contact me at the email you saw in the above post,

  2. I have donated – A great domain that I hope gets some attention in the auction and gets the price to climb high!

    I would encourage all to send a domain to the Bido team to help them put a great package of domains for there auction.



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