Comic Strip #40

Posted on 28 June 2009   

Seems like Google is doing a little bit of everything.

google comic strip 40

Here is a link to last week’s comic strip in case you missed it. It was “Hard Core Domainer Leaves For Vacation”.

  1. Nangbaby says:

    Google already has Barack Obama in its pocket, so the only thing I’m waiting for is the Google World Order.

  2. Reece Berg says:

    Google World Order hehe — if anyone can pull it off, it’d be them with all their data about users.. In what year do we start calling Google “Big Brother”? :)

  3. Richard says:

    They’re out of control.

  4. Mickey says:

    I was at first puzzled by this cartoon being a graph, with an x & y axis, rather than a horizontal timeline. But now I see you have revealed something we usually only discuss in secret groups… That Google is able to go back and forth in time. You probably shouldn’t talk about it openly, Google’s henchmen will find you.

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