Sedo Is In The Porn Business?

Posted on 08 February 2012   

Wait a minute, what? When did Sedo become a porn website?


Let me start off by saying I don’t know how long or if anyone else has noticed this before, but this is a first for me.

So this morning I was heading over to to check out the .ME auction and instead of bidding action I found sex and boobs. I made the honest mistake of thinking that the short link to the auction was I know that they have done several .ME auctions in the past and used something similar. After making the mistake I realized I should have typed in

Ok, I cut off as much of the nudity as possible, but you get the point. If you want to visit the full site go to, and no I’m not linking to it.

I’m writing this post for two reasons.

Firstly, register all your name brand extensions. You don’t have to do this for every single domain name you own, but the ones you have developed into major brands, yes. Over at we have done as much as we can within reason, acquiring (, .us, .co, .cm and .xxx). knows this, even they own I just don’t understand how they can promote .ME auctions and not own Things that make you go hmmm…!

Secondly, the .ME auction is doing very well. If you’re not aware of the auction then wake up, it has less than 24 hours left. 22 .ME domain names have bids of over $1,000 and another 20 have reached at least $950.

Here is a screenshot of the top 10 bids as of 12:53pm EST 2/8/12.

Visit to get your bids in and check out the auction action.

Also head over to, .ME did a short interview with me which was published earlier today.

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Submit A Domain Name For Sale On’s Newsletter Today!

Posted on 04 January 2012   

Francois, owner of, has organized a special domain name sales newsletter that will benefit sellers and bloggers. The idea is for the blogging community to promote January 9th’s newsletter, giving it more eyes for sellers and increase newsletter reach. In addition to the blogger circuit the newsletter will be broadcast on two popular domaining forums, and for even more exposure.

What’s in it for the bloggers?
We will get paid a share of any sales commissions generated from Monday, January 9th’s newsletter. I decided to have any of my individual profits donated to Elliot Silver’s Ronald McDonald House fundraising efforts. On a side note, I have to say Elliot Silver, John Ferber and Craig Rowe have been big influences on my own personal charity work in the last couple of years.

What’s in it for the sellers?
Monday’s newsletter is getting a lot of extra exposure because of this promotion. Bottom line, more people looking at it means a higher chance you have to sell something.

So go ahead, submit your domain name for the newsletter before tomorrow’s deadline. Visit and submit one domain name, only one. Good luck!

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.ME’s Premium Auction At Sedo Closed With $167,708 In Sales

Posted on 09 November 2011   

Although the .ME registry completed their premium .me domain name auction last week, I haven’t seen any posted sales, so I figured I would share some information about it.

In short, of the 178 domain names listed for sale about 41% (73) met reserve. Total sales ended with $167,708, which is an average of $2,297 per name.

Of those that met reserve the top five sales were: - $11,600 - $10,600 - $9,000 – $8050 - $7,000

Sorry, I only have the top five sales available. If you know some of the other sales in auction please share them in comments below.

Not to discount $167k in sales, but I’m a little disappointed. I was shocked not to see or in the top five sales. .COM is king, yes yes we know, but I like the .ME extension, they’re very catchy and affordable when compared to .COM sales. This auction really should have done better!

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Less Than 24 Hours Left For .ME’s Premium Auction At Sedo

Posted on 02 November 2011   

Can’t afford to buy that premium .com domain name? .ME might be the perfect alternative for you. As an avid reader of, usually there is not a week that goes by where a new project is funded involving a catchy .ME domain name. Startups love value and .ME domain names offer just that.

.ME is about to wrap up a premium .ME auction being held at as we speak. So hurry up and get your bids in, the auction ends November 3rd at 1pm EST.

Right now there are 18 domain names with bids of $999 or more. And of the 178 domain names in auction, 122 of them have a bid of at least $100. The highest .me domains with bids are $2,500, $2,450, $2,150, $2,050 and $1,550.

Sorry, but I’m not going to share my favorites because I am bidding on several of the domain names. :-)

And stay tuned for some news about my own personal developments. I recently acquired two of the biggest internet keywords with .ME domain names and will be developing them into a new business.

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Monday Is The Last Chance To Grab Your .XXX Domain Name During Sunrise Period

Posted on 28 October 2011   

As reported on, .XXX Sunrise period which originally was to end today, has been extended until Monday, October 31st, 4pm EST. Also reported is they have received over 70,000 pre-registration requests. At roughly $200 each that is $14 million, WOW!

For those of you that don’t know if the Sunrise period is for you, watch this short 2:46 minute video for a better understanding. Then head over to for more information on where and how to register.

And instead of repeating what others have written about on the .XXX Sunrise, here are some interesting articles to check out.

With 5 Days Left In Sunrise, .XXX Reports Over 42,000 Applications Taken
.XXX Has Grossed $10 Million Already [Updated]
Final Chance to Protect Against .XXX Domain Names
Inside Frank Schilling’s $1.65M .XXX Purchase
ICM Registry, In A Record Setting Sale Sells Gay.XXX For $500K
SheMales.XXX Sells For $200,000; 3 1/2 Times More Than The .Net Sold For

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